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Dangers of Satellite Race 

It is a well-known fact that Space exploitation might be the next big thing. From more in-depth space exploration to orbital surveillance, satellites always have a place in our world. This defining streak is the most we have of any frontier in space exploration. 

According to the news that came out a while ago, SpaceX will be operating the most extensive collection of satellites in history. Up until January, the space exploration and communications agency own a total number of 242 satellites in orbit. However vast the figure is it is minuscule compared to the whopping total of 42000 that the company aims to place in orbit in the next ten years 

The race is still on as SpaceX gets one up by another backing from Amazon’s OneWeb which plans to launch a massive thousand of satellites into orbit within the coming months to provide better communication services 

While there is conventional infrastructure on the ground to provide access to the Internet, extending such services to the rural sectors is an uphill task. These projects from the massive communication organizations aim to sort the shortage of infrastructure. Rather than laying the expensive groundwork to spread Internet access, communications will are transmittable across wireless systems placed in orbit. The project holds much promise both as an innovation frontier and as a business model 

However good the project is, security is still an essential part. Despite the advantages, the project faces a problem of limited cybersecurity regulations. The project opens up many opportunities both for the business entity and cyber attacker 

Among one of the possible areas of conflict is the concept of business and supply chain management. Hackers can quickly get access to transport routes is available in the worldwide Internet connection. The setup makes it easy for hackers to access secret information and tamper with it for their advantage 

More than this, hackers can quickly get access to such satellites and choose to shut them down causing a massive inconvenience for the activities that require the spacecraft to run 

However, the most dangerous prospect for hackers is a physical attack. The orbital satellites, while in space, need quick maneuverability to get out of possible clashes with other satellites. This ability to move is provided directly by a set of thrusters that launch the orbiting vehicle on a different path that would be fatal. These thrusters, however, turn the satellites into possible projectiles. Hackers can get full access to the orbiting vehicles and launch the satellites as projectiles capable of bringing massive destruction