Gabrielle Union Posts New Clip Of Her Adorable Toddler Kaavia And Celebrates Her Darker Skin Color!

It has been recently that people are several against discrimination based on ethnicity, race, and skin color, etc. In the past, these things have created issues for the human being. However, things are different. 

Therefore we see a loving and proud celebrity mother making use of her social media platform to cheer her toddler by posting an extremely video of cute Kaavia James. The little angel is strolling to some of the inspirational music in the video. The lyrics of the music meant to encourage the darker skin ton followers of the celebrity to love and like them the way they are.

Gabrielle Union is one of the happiest than ever people after becoming a mom and people would need entire world to understand these feelings. Or people who have kids can completely understand the feelings of the celebrity.

Recently she shared a clip of her cute toddler at her best. The clip had 12 months toddler working around with a cheery mood. Celebrity, in addition, took the opportunity to rejoice the skin coloration and pores of her baby’s skin. Background music is complementing the baby’s skin color and encouraging people to love them the way nature has made them.

Kaavia is seen brightly smiling and looking on the digicam. She was wearing rocking grey pants having white polka dots all over, white shirt and cute pink slippers. Even if you have not seen the video, just visualize the little girl in the described attire and feel how cute she would be looking in it.

The track named “Melanin” by Ciara, City Girls, Lala Anthony, Ester Dean, and LupitaNyongo at the background of the video can be heard.

Caption of Gabrielle wrote the following , “Melanin Queens. Be you. Stand up for yourself and anybody being oppressed or beaten down. Stand tall. Speak up. Live loud and proud. Be fearless. Don’t be silenced, We received chu my loves, we received chu. Lift us all up within the mild of goodness and maintain us there please. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Thank you guys for the proper anthem @ciara @lala @lupitanyongo City Girls @esterdean #MelaninQueen🎼🎵🎶

This was not the only video shared. The actress has been sharing Kaavia with Dwyane Wade pictures and videos since their daughter was born. It means it has been 12 months that the celebrity has been posting about her daughter.

Earlier she celebrated the National Princess Day by posting a picture of her daughter with the caption, “I meeeeaaannnn… ❤❤🤗🤗👼🏾👼🏾

No doubt people see Gabrielle Union Posts New Clip Of Her Adorable Toddler Kaavia And Celebrates Her Darker Skin Color!in a positive manner. Other than a general message for the public about loving oneself the way one is great. Moreover, these posts also show the unconditional love of a mother for her kid. It can be felt in each and every post the celebrity shares on her social media accounts. What do you have to say about these posts? What is yoru opinion?