Wattam, The New Title From The Creator Of Katamari Damacy

Wattam, The New Title From The Creator Of Katamari Damacy

Sony has finally announced the release of the unique game Wattam. This December, you can enjoy playing with the colorful flowers, smiling toilets. Keita Takahashi is the creator of this game. This game is a cheerful and bright game where everything is alive. It brings a smile on the face of the players. Wattam is an entertaining game.

Wattam is going to be an exciting video game which is going to give you a great social experience. You can either choose to play solo or co-play with your friends and family. It comes with a multiplayer mode. This game is suitable for all age groups. You can even play it with your parents. It comes with the adventure of the four changing seasons of the year which are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  Wattam is a game for everyone. It increases your bond and interaction with your friends. This game is not quite intense. It is quite easy to play. You can talk with your friend and say “ Let’s do this or let’s do that”. Any player can leave or join the game at any point of the game.

Wattam is a game where you can goof around. You can click different buttons and enjoy what happens with all the objects of the game. Interesting and weird things happen which are comical.

Since 2015 we are hearing about the creation of this game. Keita Takahashi and noby noby boy collaborate together to release this long-awaited game. We had started hearing about the creation of this game at the end of 2014. Years went by and we were exposed to small teasers of the game. The However, this game is now completely ready for gaming enthusiasts. .This video game is going to be a new addition to the Play station 4 games.

If you love playing silly and pointless games which make you laugh and keep you entertained, this is the game for you. Throughout the game you’ll witness colorful creatures and joyful characters. There are a variety of actions which you can use. These are dancing and holding hands. The puzzles of the game are solved with the interaction between the players.

Do you want to know why keita Takahashi created this weird and silly game? He is a man who loves to put smile on the faces of people. He loves to introduce cheerful games. When the creator behind the game was studying in collage he had an art project. He make a sculpture of a goat vase which was uniquely designed. You could put flowers and soil at the back of the goat. When the man presented his project, the whole class had laughing fits. Instead of getting discouraged, Keita loved the attention of the people and decided to create things which make other people laugh. Keita believes to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Wattam is a funny and joyful game which is quite entertaining. He created this cheerful game to bring happiness in the life of the players.

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