Was ICC World Cup 2019 Fixed? An Exclusive Revelation by Power Sportz

Was ICC World Cup 2019 Fixed? An Exclusive Revelation by Power Sportz

Surprised???? Don’t be! Because it is not some rumor, yeah, it is not a rumor. Power Sportz has got a piece of evidence to prove that match fixing is something that can never stop, especially in Indian cricket and football.

Power Sportz through its show “Talking Turkey with Kanthi” has brought the issue of match fixing in the limelight and this time – channel has a solid proof to prove it!

A Bookie, who has been involved in match fixing, confessed about match fixing in Indian cricket & football and has unveiled the ugly face of sport world. He, in fact, quoted examples of players being troubled if they do not comply with match fixing instructions, Besides, he shed light on the Red card decisions in football, how does the betting in cricket takes place across the A team, and the B team? What is the involvement of International cricketers in match fixing? He also told about the involvement of all, from top to bottom in the entire game of match fixing in India.

Well, it is not just news, it is, in fact, an ugly truth that hurt each and every Indian who finds himself/herself associated to the world of cricket, and does everything to be part of the game and cheer the teams! But, do we really deserve to be cheated by people like this???

Well, to know more, do watch the entire program on ‘Talking Turkey with Kanthi,’ and know how this malpractice is influencing not only newcomers in the game, but also the people who claims to be a fan of the game.

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