Resident Evil Project

Resident Evil Project

So you did not have enough of the Resident Evil since the beginning of 2019? Well it is good and you are a lucky chap. It is because Capcom has officially announced the project resistance at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

Scratch the horror that itches and hot on the heels of Resident Evil Project 2 remake while we all wait for the latest news about the Resident Evil 8. The said project is new 1v4 survival horror experience, which is asymmetric and online. It may not turn out to be a core game however the project resistance is known for shaping up to be Capcom’s version of the horror survival such as Friday the 13th and Dead by Daylight.

Continue reading to know everything that we know about this game:

Cut to chase:

What is this?It is a 1v4 asymmetric online horror survival experience all set in the world of resident evil

Where I can play it?You can play it on Xbox One, PS4, and PC

When I can play it?TBC

Release date:Its launch date has still not been confirmed however it was expected that official announcement will be made in September. The game will be playable at Tokyo Game Show. This simply means that it is yet to be developed largely. Hence we may look forward to its launch in middle or late 2020.

What is Project reissuance all about?The project drops a team of four survivors where each of those has their own skills and special abilities. They are dropped in an escape room. They need to cooperate with one another in order to solve different puzzles and only then they can survive. The fifth player terrorizes and tortures them.

The four survivors include the Tyrone (a tank having ability of powerful tank and boosts fortitude of his teammates, Valerie (a healer having ability to ping the surroundings, finds and deploys items and heals the affected area), January (a hacker who knows how to shut down the security cameras along with the other gadgets that are used by the Mastermind), and Samuel who is capable of dealing with the heavy melee which can be critical in such confined places.

The mastermind has been equipped with a number of powers. These powers include the ability to directly control the zombies. Survivors get to see when the eyes of zombies glow red and consider them to be an extraordinary threat. However survivors have their own share of abilities to counter the zombies. For instance, hacks that Jan uses blind the Mastermind by shutting down all of his security cameras etc. Also mastermind can set the bear traps, fires the shots from the security cameras and so much more. Each of the cards has certain cost; higher the cost, stronger will be the card. You will begin the game with some predefined number of cards that you may use. These cards are refilled over the period of time.

You will have a chance to play this new challenge as a closed beta is coming out from October 4th to 7th.  

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