Phillies want to keep the mascot, file claim against makers of Phanatic

Phillies want to keep the mascot, file claim against makers of Phanatic

In a government claim filed Friday in New York, the Phillies affirmed the firm they procured to make the Phanatic character is attempting to retreat from a 1984 agreement that granted the group utilization of the mascot “forever,” The Philadelphia Inquirer announced.

As per the 39-page claim, the Phillies denounced Harrison/Erickson Inc., a New York-based organization, of taking steps to acquire an injunction against the team’s utilization of the Phanatic and make the mascot “a free agent.” If that occurs, the furry, green mascot could negotiate to sell its rights to another sports team, the Inquirer detailed.

As per the claim, Phillies official Bill Giles built up the idea of the Phanatic, which appeared at Veterans Stadium in 1978, WPVI revealed. The Phillies asserted they paid Harrison/Erickson $25,000 for rights to the Phanatic outfit that would last “forever,” the claim charges.

The team said in the previous year, Harrison/Erickson has attempted to end the 1984 agreement, trusting it “created the copyrighted character,” It’s a case the Phillies said is “legally baseless,” as indicated by the claim.

“Over the last 41 years, the Club has devoted millions of dollars to developing and promoting the Phanatic,” the lawsuit alleges. “Without the Club’s contributions, the Phanatic would not have been a character at all.”

Legal counselors for the defendants were not listed in court documents, the Inquirer revealed. The Phillies told the newspaper that it doesn’t remark on pending prosecution.

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