At EMU Tip Off Classic Huron, Skyline squeak out successes : Ann Arbor-region basketball features

At EMU Tip Off Classic Huron, Skyline squeak out successes : Ann Arbor-region basketball features

Kabir Bergin scored 17 to help lead Skyline to a 57-52 win over Detroit University Prep on the second day of the Ypsilanti Tip-Off Classic at Eastern Michigan’s Convocation Center.

Bergin, who missed the second 50% of their lesser season a year ago with knee damage, came back to the floor and scored eight of their group high 17 in the final quarter and added four helps to acquire Most Valuable Player of the game.

“It feels great,” Bergin said of being back on the floor. “Being back, playing with my dogs, it’s a new year, we’ve all got different roles. It’s just good to be back on the court. I’m happy man, this is what I love to do.”

The Eagles led the pack for good on two free tosses from Bergin to give them a 49-48 favorable position and they proceeded to outscore University Prep 8-4 in the last couple of moments.

“I was really impressed with our poise down the stretch,” said Skyline coach Michael Lovelace. “We’ve got a lot of guys that are trying to step into bigger roles and when you play a team that’s real aggressive and loves driving hard to the basket and never stops going at you, you can’t flinch.”

“You can’t give them any extra confidence in their head that you’re backing down because that momentum can swing quick. We did a good job of limiting their momentum.”

Notwithstanding Bergin’s presentation, Chris Cayton scored 16 points with six bounce back and two takes, and Ashay Arora included eight for the Eagles in their season opening triumph.

“I was really glad we were able to hold on with going cold for a fair amount of the second half and started to hit some big shots down the end,” Lovelace said.

Waleed Samaha doesn’t need further turnovers.

In spite of the fact that their Ann Arbor Huron figured out how to squeak out a 53-50 win over Detroit Edison in the last round of the Ypsilanti Tip-Off Classic, Samaha was blended in transit their group completed it.

The River Rats drove by nine twice in the game, however Edison’s full-court press protection sped them up and prompted simple containers to assist Edison with getting once again into the game when it showed up Huron had at long last picked up control.

Huron completed with well more than 20 turnovers, yet its safeguard made all the difference, closing down Edison in the half court in the last couple of moments to acquire the success.

“We knew what they were going to do, we just didn’t handle it very well,” Samaha said. “We prepared for (the press). It’s hard to replicate their size, their speed, their athleticism in practice but I was pleased with the way we defended in the half court.”

“If you look at the way we defended in the half court, that’s what won the game for us. We got critical stops at the end. That’s what we’ll build on.”

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